In many small towns and communities in rural Nova Scotia the local hall is much more than just a building; it’s the heart of the community. It’s the hub of social activities and its walls have witnessed wedding receptions, birthday parties, town meetings and numerous other gatherings that bring families and friends together to share happy times and happy memories.
Like any other building, community halls require upkeep and repairs which can be costly. The Clarence Community Hall in Paradise, NS is one of those halls. It’s where local senior groups
hold their weekly card parties, an outing that’s more about the tea and conversation than it is about a winning hand. It’s also where the local 4-H Club meets once a month. In a small community like Paradise there isn’t a lot for a young person to do after school and on weekends. The 4-H Club offers its members fun, educational projects and activities that keep them busy all year long.
Shirley Fralic has lived in the area for many years and knows how important the Clarence Community Hall is to local residents. That’s why she made a special effort to receive a cheque from the Bridgetown Area Community Fund (BACF) to help out with the cost of upkeep. What delighted Fralic the most was that with the financial support of the BACF, the young people in the 4-H club would continue to have a place to meet.
Clarence Community Hall