“Little Reader Bags” will make it easier for parents to choose age-appropriate books for their children and encourage reading.

Cuddling up to read a book in a comfy chair or falling asleep after a bedtime story are cherished memories for most of us. A grant from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia will make selecting that perfect book a little easier for busy caregivers through the “Little Reader Bags” program.
The idea originated at the Annapolis Valley Regional Library in Bridgetown. Library staff put together 40 colour-coded reusable bags containing various age-appropriate books that support early learning in children. The libraries and bookmobile from Windsor to Annapolis Royal distribute the bags. Each bag also contains information on how to build literacy skills and tips on reading to children. The libraries partnered with local family resource centres, preschools and schools to promote the “Little Reader Bags” to families.
It is hoped that by making it easy for parents and caregivers to stop at the library, borrow a bag of age-appropriate books, and take them home to share, families will increase their reading activities.
Little Readers