Supporting essential community-based programs and projects

Established: 2017


  • To fund community projects and initiatives not normally financed by the Halifax Regional Municipality (through individual business unit initiatives and/or coordinated through the Public Safety Advisor) or the Halifax Regional Police.
  • To provide direction for the proceeds from miscellaneous donations, including honoraria HRP will receive as well as for proceeds arising from HRP’s brand and intellectual property (name and all related symbols) through the retail sales of HRP merchandise. These proceeds would be used to further enhance relevant community projects.

About the fund:

The Halifax Regional Police Foundation was established to manage public donations to the police service intended for community programming not normally covered through HRM or HRP funds. This fund would be used to support essential community-based programs and projects, such as the purchase of electronic equipment for after-school community programming, sports equipment and other supplies to enhance existing or burgeoning programs. Support would not be provided for sponsorships of community groups and entities, but for specific initiatives and purchases.

This fund allows HRP employees to promote a single charitable endowment linked to the aims of the organization through regular in-house fundraisers already held by HRP (50/50 draws, casual Fridays, etc.). It also allows outside organizations that request speaking engagements of HRP employees to offer stipends or honoraria to the HRP Foundation instead of to other charitable organizations as is presently the case.