Working with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia to achieve your charitable goals has many advantages and opportunities. As a valued donor, you receive:

Ensure Sustainable Revenue and Security: the management of endowments is our greatest strength. Our framework addresses succession planning for many investors.

Provide Greater Return: all capital from our various funds is pooled which allows us to provide a higher return and lower fees than if funds were to be invested alone.

Reduce Management & Reporting: we provide full administration services (including audit, receipting and reporting to CRA) for all our fund holders. In addition, our funds are managed by professional firms and guided by our expert investment committee.

Enable Philanthropy: we work to support communities and build our province’s philanthropic culture.

We also offer our fund holders ongoing support with everything from tips on making the ask to marketing tools to help promote and grow their funds.  All funds at the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia are eligible for:

  • A dedicated fund page on our website – visit here for our current list of funds.
  • Your own fundraising campaign on our account page on
  • Opportunities to have any news or updates from your fund shared via our marketing channels (blog, news, social media etc).
  • Access to our collateral, marketing templates etc.
  • Assistance with media relations/press releases.
  • Access to content (blogs/newsletters) that you can share via your networks.
  • Monthly email containing information and ideas on topics such as: growing your fund, donor recognition, creating a newsletter, leveraging social media and much more.