Established: January 2017

In 1967 a number of museums were established in Nova Scotia to commemorate 100 years of Canada’s confederation. Fifty years on and many of our museums are in need of revitalization. In order to sustain a future for these important provincial assets, the Association of Nova Scotia Museums established MuseFund.

“MuseFund is an exciting development for the Nova Scotia museum community. It enables the community to better engage with Nova Scotians and enhance the sustainability of our museums.”    Rodney Chaisson, Association of NS Museums

The MuseFund is an endowment fund created to build a sustainable and vibrant future for Nova Scotia museums. MuseFund’s goal is to raise an initial $2.5 million endowment fund that will help accredited museums open doors to experiences that bring benefit to our lives.

Once the fund has reached $1 million, the interest earned will be used to support Engagement, Stewardship, Investment and Growth opportunities for accredited museums throughout Nova Scotia.

More specifically, your investment will help improve infrastructure, support technological advances, develop partnerships with educational institutions, grow collections in a measured, sustainable way and much more.

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