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Navigating Your Giving

Whatever your charitable goals and no matter your means, you can make a difference! There is no doubt that every gift has an impact and we strive to ensure that impact is as significant as possible. We work with each of our donors to develop a custom plan that fits with your personal, financial and philanthropic goals.

Navigating Your Giving

Ways to Give

There are a number of ways that your donation can make a difference:

  • Address Nova Scotia’s needs: your gift will support priority areas across the province.
  • Support existing funds: set-up by a friend, loved one or donate to your favourite charity’s fund.
  • Create your own fund: establish a fund that reflects your philanthropic values, needs and goals.
  • Honour a loved one: make a tribute gift in honour of a person, special event or milestone.
  • Leave a lasting legacy: give later through your will, estate or life insurance policy.


Types of Giving

Setting up a fund with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is simple and secure.  Whether it’s a permanent fund to offer a lasting legacy or a shorter term fund to address a current need, we have you covered. The type of giving is also something for you to consider as part of your charitable planning process. There are 3 main types of giving that we can facilitate:

  • Give Forever: gifts that are endowed; invested into perpetuity with income granted year over year to a specific cause or charitable organization. Donors wishes are honoured forever.
  • Give Now: flow-through funds are received and disbursed to a qualified donee within a shorter period of time, generally within a year.
  • Give Now & Forever: term or “spend-down” giving which is a combination of flow-through and endowed funds based on your priorities and the impact you want to make.

Let us help you plan your giving to ensure your donation has the local impact you are looking for. We would love to chat with you more about your charitable goals and share more information about our existing funds.

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