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Our Staff

Meet the small but mighty team that’s committed to building strong, vibrant and diverse communities throughout Nova Scotia by enabling and inspiring effective philanthropy:

Daniel Holland, Chief Executive Officer

Emma Cruddas, Program Manager

Tina Hennigar, Population Growth Coordinator

Stacey McCarthy, Communications Director (Contract)

Beth McKay, Accountant (Contract)

Stephanie Clark, Special Projects


Daniel Holland

Daniel Holland, CEO of CFNS

Chief Executive Officer


Daniel has stepped into the leadership role as the new CEO at CFNS in June 2020. His profile is one that leverages a mix of consulting, business development, financial markets advisory and operations roles to support growth for regional businesses and charitable organizations in both Canada and Europe.  Through his finance experience, facilitator expertise and relationship building, Daniel is trusted to help the companies he leads and his clients develop, grow and realize important organization and business goals.


Phone: (902) 490-9916


Emma Cruddas

Emma Cruddas, Program Manager

Program Manager

With a dedicated past in volunteerism, not-for-profit work, research, and activism, Emma joined the CFNS team in April of 2019. Emma has a Master’s degree in Sociology from Dalhousie University and has worked with Halifax Public Libraries, World University Service of Canada, Dalhousie University, and the Indigenous Health Interest Group. Emma is passionate about human rights, reconciliation, immigration, community development, and education.

Phone: (902) 490-9916


Tina Hennigar

Tina Hennigar
Population Growth Coordinator, NOW Lunenburg County

Tina has been an advocate for Lunenburg County her entire life. She spends her days promoting Lunenburg County as an incredible place to live, work and raise a family. She is focused on building a sustainable community through population growth. Tina’s enthusiasm and affection for the area is hard to ignore, and she’s certain people will take notice. In fact, they already have. After a Canadian recruitment tour in the summer of 2017, people from across the country, and even as far away as Germany and Colombia, have reached out wanting to learn why they need to pay attention to Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Tina has already helped people move back home here.

Phone: (902) 523-5725


Stacey McCarthy

Stacey McCarthy, Director of Communications

Director of Communications

As a freelance writer, communicator and marketer, Stacey has over 26 years’ experience working for businesses of all sizes across Canada and internationally, including government and not-for-profit. Stacey has developed expertise in developing and implementing marketing and communications strategies and initiatives, story-telling, event planning, and stakeholder communications and partnership development. She is fueled by her family, a love of travel, meeting new people, and supporting causes that benefit the things that matter most in life.

Phone: (902) 490-9916


Beth McKay

Beth McKay, Accountant


Accounting has been the common thread throughout Beth’s career. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator, Beth has been coaching one-on-one and working with groups for more than 10 years. She’s been successful in finance, film, and entrepreneurship.

Phone: (902) 490-9916


Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark, Interim CEO

Special Liaison

With over 27 years of management experience leading organizations from the hospitality industry, distributorship sales, beauty industry, media/broadcast, finance industry, national and international business consulting to her current role as Founder and CEO of The Blue Door Group, Stephanie Clark brings extensive expertise in the development of corporate cultures that generate growth, employee retention and customer service in organizations. With years of experience in coaching and mentoring business professionals, Stephanie has a focus on building organizations that are profitable while being people-centered and making a difference in their communities.

Phone: (902) 490-5907


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